What are hair extensions?

This is adding hair to your own hair by means of fusion (strand by strand), weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clips and more. There are many variations to all of these techniques. I will educatE you on the most popular terms. Extensions should be applied and removed by a stylist to ensure your hair stays damage free. Human hair extensions can be cut, curled and styled.

Are Hair Extensions suitable for me?

Hair Extensions are perfect for most people. However, there could be factors, such as unsuitable current hair condition, hair loss, or hair damage that could prevent extensions from being an option. These factors will be discussed during your consultation.

What type of hair should I use?

You should always use 100% Human Hair/ Remy Cuticle Hair .The ultimate luxury in hair. The healthiest hair is hand picked strand by strand. This ensures all cuticles are laying in the same direction. Our cuticle hair is superior quality, soft to the touch. Long lasting and tangle free. The weft is sewn to help eliminate shedding. This hair is reusable for up to one year. A great investment!

Will hair extensions cause breakage to my hair?

The products that we use are safe for the hair. A full assessment of the hair and scalp will be done at the consultation to determine if the client is a candidate for hair extensions. The client will be well educated on how to properly take care of the hair and hair extension to make sure there is no breakage. As long as the client stays in a healthy state (meaning no illness occurs after the hair extensions are applied or any new medications have to be taken.) All of these things should be taken in consideration when hair extension application is considered.

How long will the hair extensions last?

2 to 4 months. We do not recommend keeping them in any longer. This can and will damage your own hair.

How are extensions applied?
Sewn In, Braided, Micro-Linked, Taped, Fusion, Strand by Strand, or Pre-Tipped Hair These is a processes are done by an Certified Extension Specialist to ensure your hair stays damage free. The process can take 2 to 6 hours depending on the method and style you choose.

This is my first time. What do I do?
Set up a consultation with an Hair Extension Specialist. Research information on the method that interest you. We always encourage to have a professional put them in. A professional will be able to match your color, texture, and the method that would work best for you.

How much do Hair Extensions Cost?

The Service Charge can vary greatly from client to client because each is a truly a custom service. There are many options to be considered such as full lengthening, volumizing, dimensional color or special needs applications. For the most accurate answer, based upon your natural hair and desired result, schedule a consultation. There is a $50 consultation fee which will be deducted from your Service Charge if you decide to have the service done.

How much hair do I need?

Each person is different depending on how thick the hair is wanted, where it is being placed, head size, how it is being applied, styled or cut etc.

Will extensions damage my hair?
No, they will not damage your own hair. When applied and maintained properly, the application will not damage your hair. The skill level of the stylist is crucial for a damage free application. VIP stylist have been certified by the leading hair extension companies in the industry and maintains up do date by attending additional educational courses. It is also important to follow the at home care guidelines to ensure a damage free application

How are the Hair Extensions removed?

By a specialist, to ensure your hair stays damage free. The same care we take in putting them in we take in taking them out.

How do I care for my new extensions?

Easy! Each brand comes with care instructions. You will shampoo and condition with a mild shampoo for dry hair. You do not have to do this often. Extension hair does not get as dirty as your regular hair. The less you wash them the longer they will last. Use a leave in detangler or glossifier. Use only low settings on curling irons and blow dryers. *Let hair dry naturally if you can. Caruso steamrollers are great for extensions because they add moisture to the hair.

Can I color my extensions?

Yes! There is no guarantee they will come out the color you want. If you decide to color the extensions use semi permanent colors or color conditioners and shampoos. Before coloring the entire set use the tester pieces that are included with your new hair.

Can I brush my hair with my extensions in?
Yes, brush them lightly and carefully so they are not pulled out of place once you have applied them.

Can I wear my extensions to bed?

Yes! We recommend sleeping on a satin pillow. Wraping hair or putting hair into a pony tail before bedtime.

Can I cut my extensions?

Yes! You can cut the extensions. The hair tends to be a bit thinner towards the end of the extensions just like real hair grows. We recommend giving them a trim or cut to get the style you are looking for and to clean up the ends.

What products should I use on my hair extensions?

Use products for dry hair. Avoid products for oily or normal hair or clarifiers. Use a mild shampoo, conditioner and leave in detangler. Use detanglers and glossifers lightly.

Will hair extensions work with real thin hair?

Yes! depending on the severity of the thinning. We have several options available to accomdate thinning hair.

Can I make highlights and lowlights with extensions?

Yes, this is also a great way to save your hair from the damage coloring can do.